Monday, February 28, 2005

Just me, ranting about stupidity

So I have this friend, who is the one person I probably talk to more then Steven. I promise, it's kind of ridiculous. So today, she told me that after church she had lunch with some girls all of whom she did not know except for one girl. Well, in the middle of normal lunch conversation, one of the randoms say that she can't be friends with ugly people because she has no sympathy for them. Then another, just as ignorant girl pipes in, saying that when she thinks about this other girl is right because she only has cute friends. What the HECK!!!!!!! When my friend told me about this conversation, I was totally and completely offended. I cannot believe that there are real human beings that would say such thing and also claim to be Christian. I am assuming that they claim to be Christians because this lunch was right after church. Actually, regardless of them being Christians the fact that anybody they would utter such words is horrendous. First of all, who decides who is pretty and who is not. I mean does she have a check list that requires high cheek bones, almond shaped eyes, and not a pound over a 110. "Nope sorry, you have one tiny laugh line and you eye lashes aren't quite a half an inch, we can't be friends". Who really thinks like this? In a world where people are starving for love an acceptance, is she so wonderful that she can reject love because one doesn't have flawless skin? After that comment, I highly doubt it. How shallow is that? It makes me furious to even think about it. Oh, how I wish I was sitting around that table. I am so irritated that such a girl would exist.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

It's been a long time

Sorry for the bloc-silence. I really just haven't felt like there is anything interesting I have to say. Jenny, I am writing this for you. 9 days is a very long time not to post anything. To tell you the truth I have been feeling kind of poopy over the past few days. I am not really sure why, maybe a lack of sleep or just trying to get over last weekend. This really truly has been such a busy week. Mostly that has shown itself in Steven and I's schedules being completely opposite. The last few days I have just seen him at night, when I am just about to go to sleep. It really stinks, but that's the life of a youth minister. Busy, busy, busy. I shouldn't complain, I really do have the best husband in the world. I mean what boy is going to listen to his Xbox games on head phones so I can sleep? Boy, I am an ogre.
I have also been quite involved in another fellow blogger's site. The discussion is kind of over my head but it is really interesting. I guess that the only time I feel like it is over my head is when I feel pressured to write a comment. I don't think like them and I am okay with that. I am perfectly happy just reading the comments and forming my own private opinions no matter how fluffy they are. These commenters do challenge me to think for myself and force me to figure out why I believe the way I do. And really, I think that I do have intelligent comments but my writing language is where I am feeling a little left behind. Which is where my lack confidence plays in. They are just so smart! Anyway that is all I got for today. I try and be more interesting tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Just my thoughts

As many of you know, I work a nonprofit agency that helps children and adults with disabilities of all kinds, learn to become more independent and productive. Some of them grow up to work in the community, other's abilities are so severe that they are unable to live normal lives as productive adults. At the beginning of each year we gear up to hold annual meetings with our clients and their parents/caretakers. This is always a great time reconnect with their parents and also gives us the opportunity to encourage the clients in front of their parents and for their parents to be encouraged themselves that their kids are doing well. Along with the great things that happen at these meetings, the parents normally will use this time to discuss with me how difficult and stressful it is to "raise" an adult with a disability. Most of the families are single parents that are poor. With only one income and $579 a month from SSI, you can imagine what the financial difficulties that these families face every day. I use the word "raise", because unlike adults without disabilities, our adults are being reared by someone for their entire lives. Their parents are burdened with their disability as well. A normal 5 year old can write their name and probably the names of others important people in their lives. I have 2 clients that have been trying to learn to write their name for over 50 years. In reality, they will never learn to write their names. I cannot imagine having a child that lives with you for the rest of your life and then having to make plans for their care after your life is over.
Along with this burden their are so many blessings. These adults teach me every day how to love people of all kinds with out holding back. I have never seen a person carry another's struggle and pain like our adults do. They teach me to be more like Jesus. They fight like 2 year olds, but love like our father. They say the most ridiculous things, but are always the first people of my day to tell me how nice I look. When I get to work, there is a line at my door of all these people that just want to say good morning and ask me what I ate for dinner last night. They are precious people and I am blessed to be able to work with such a special population.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's day!!

Today is Valentine's Day. I could spend this time writing about Valentine's and all that it means to me, but I decided that might be boring and those thoughts are better shared with my Punk.

I am not sure what to write, really. I could write about a friend's recent receivement of the tiniest dog in the world. Or, I could write about this same friend causing TWO trucks to get in accidents, one right after the other because both drivers in their respective trucks were to busy staring at her. Well, actually I have a few comments about that. What the heck? That is like something out of a National Lampoons movie. I can not believe that I actually know somebody that this has happened to. I mean don't get me wrong, this friend really is so cute, totally deserves the stares and the accidents, but things like that don't happen in real life. Amazing, really and truly, so amazing!

I could write about the place where my friend Courtney and I run in the morning, being spotlighted by 2 police cars as we pulled up this morning. That was kind of scary. I mean who knows what happened right before we showed up and who they were looking for. It makes me a little nervous, but also very blessed that we are in God's hands and under his protection. I could let my mind wonder and create the most frightening story ever but I am not sure that I would ever run again so we are going to try and keep a handle on that.

Really, that is all I got. I hope all have wonderful Valentine's Days with their punkins!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Who stole my pillow?

Okay, so if you know me at all, you know how particular I am about sleeping. In bed by 10:00, clean sheets, no cuddling and absolutely no snoring!! Well after last night I have another rule to add to that list. Oh, I am so irritated as I write this. So, normally I am kind of a restless sleeper. That's fine with me, I cope. But when I get an awesome nights rest, it is a wonderful day! Last night I started out that way. Really! I hadn't moved all night and didn't wake up once. It was great! So while I am lying there in blissful slumber, I am jolted awake by someone snatching my pillow from right under my head! Can you believe it? The only "someone" this could be is my husband, Steven. I look over at him and see him peacefully sleeping away on a stolen pillow, MY PILLOW! So, of course I yank it right back telling him, "that's my pillow!" He, then has the nerve to look at me in an accusatory sort of way and ask me "well, where's my pill?" Are you kidding me? One thing that you should know about Steven is that he goes to bed with like 15 pillows all around him and throws a huge fit about who's side is who's. Oh your right, Steven. This is just another idea on my list to make "Stevens life more difficult". I laid awake all night silently gathering up all the pillows that you recklessly discarded and hide them from you, just so you wouldn't have a single place to lay to weary head.
To top it all off, when he not only robbed me of my pillow but also a great day, it startled me so bad that my heart was going 90 to nothing making it almost impossible to return to my slumber for at least 45 minutes! Don't get me wrong this boy is the love of my life, soul mate and best friend but when it comes to sleeping we part ways.
So in spite and retaliation, I wake his sleepy butt up after I got back from running, trying to make as much noise possible and attempted to use up every last drop of hot water.
Take that you pillow thief!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

home alone

One night a week, my husband, is gone to school in Memphis. Normally, so not a big deal. Really it's a night that I kind of look forward to. Get to sleep in any direction, on any side I want. I don't have to clean and then 10 seconds later reclean that very same spot that suspiciously my precious boy just left. I can do what ever I want with out having the pull of wanting to hang out at home with my punkin. It's normally great, but last night was different. It's really funny how when somebody is right next to you, don't really notice things. For example, the annoying tick that has being ticking since the day we moved in, sounds more like a big huge scary man trying to break in to rob me of my sense of security and sain ness, rather then just a timer tick that won't go away.
I also have a ridiculous way of convincing myself that someone is totally in our apartment and the only reason why I can't see or hear them is because they are hiding in some crazy place that normal sized people couldn't possibly fit in and are wearing some kind of super duper quiet shoes. Knowing full well that I checked every possible hiding place in our apartment, I convince my self that they some how sneakily crept in when I was in the bathroom or some other secludedarea of our home.
It's rediculous I know, but when I am home alone at night every sense of truth and reality seemed to have walked out the door and went to Memphis with my husband.
I need to work on this.

Friday, February 04, 2005

I love nerds!

Apparently there is a rumor going around that I don't like nerds. Let me set the record straight... I am a nerd lover. It's true. Even though I have cool tendencies my core will always love nerds. Why do you ask? Well for several reasons really. 1) Nerds are not afraid to be themselves. They are some of the most genuine people you will ever meet. They have nothing to prove to anybody. Cool kids, on the other hand, have major maintenance issues. The second they loose track of what's "cool" they are no longer cool. There is no security or stableness in cool. Nerdiness = stability. 2) Nerds are visionaries. They continually look to how they can make things faster, smaller and just plan ole' better. 3) Nerds are typically smarter then the average fellow. Though social skills are top notch with the cool kids, you'll never beat a nerd at jeopardy unless you are a nerd yourself. 4) Nerds are fun. This is my last reason, though there are so many more, I need to go see my nerd at home. Here's what I think about nerds and fun. They for sure have their own type of fun and unless you embrace your own personal nerdiness you will never, ever understand. Their fun is clean and strategic. They also do a great job of forming communities around their type of fun. Which is pretty awesome seeing as how most of the world is community starved or oblivious to that need in them. So all this to say, I am and will always be a nerd lover.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

welcome to the world of bloggers!

So this really is a new thing for me. My husband, the most precious person in the world and also one of the biggest nerds, thinks this is stuff is awesome. So, in my atempt to be a equally awesome wife, I am putting aside my coolness and diving in to the world of bloggers. Everyone is welcome and all comments are encouraged even if you think they may hurt my feellings. I'm tuff.