Wednesday, May 10, 2006


What is going on? This is exactly what was going on in my head when I was awoken abruptly on Saturday morning by one of our newest sevies. Her response to my obvious question, "I couldn't sleep". So that means that nobody can? She then decided that she was bored so she got everybody up. Awesome.
We took our upcoming 7th graders on their annual Six flag's trip. I really do look forward to this trip every year. It is so fun to play hard and get to know the kids that we are going to build relationships for the next 6 years. Hear me now... This will never happen again!!!!!!! I was so mad for the first 2 hours that I was up. I literally could not process why anybody would want to get up that early when we didn't have to be ready until 9am.
For the rest of the day every girl in our room reported to me that they were tired. I had ZERO sympathy for them. When this particular early bird told me that she wasn't going to wake up that early on Sunday morning I responded with a resounding "That's right you won't!" It really did test my love for kids and my self control.
The next night they were in bed by 11pm and up at 6:30am (we had to be out by 7:30am) I felt so proud and victorious!!! My name is Kelly and I am sleep Nazi.

Monday, May 01, 2006


I would like to announce the engagement of my dear sweet brother in-law to my dear sweet best friend Matha!!!!!! Matha and Hovie are engaged!!!!!! That means that my best friend, college roommate, summer roommate, bicycle riding buddy, running partner (kinda) is now going to be my sister!! How awesome that? They came in town to see us this past weekend. Friday morning they got up to watch the sunrise at Pinnacle Mountain and he asked her there. It was so fun to have them in town but so special to share the first few days of engagement with them. Steven and I couldn't be more excited!!! October is the month, not sure on the day.