Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Kelly time? What's that?

So it totally has been oh about 3 months. I apoligize for the lack of anything interesting on my blog but to be perfectly honest this post will not be much different. The past 3 months have been crazy! I have started a new position with Easter Seals. It has been going really well but has contributed to totally throwing my routine off. So the running interest has dimished some what BUT last night I totally ran 6 miles! Who is proud of me? I am!
Another thing that has been crazy has been the start of the summer. My sweet husband is really truly the best youth minister in the world so the summers for us are BUSY! Well I say us, but probably more him. Well actually even though I can't attend most of the trips becuase they are during the week, I really do feel like I have a second full time job. At times I get worn out. I mean think about it 2 full time jobs! That is crazy! Most of my off time is filled up with kid time, but I really do love it! God really has put a love for teenagers in my soul and if I can't get paid for it I am thankful for the oppertunity to volunteer at it.
Oh this is something exciting and kind of out of the ordinary. This weekend I am going to Birmingham, AL to see my dear friend Matha (no I did spell her name wrong). Along will shopping till we drop we are going to go to Atlanta, GA to run in the Peach Tree Road Race. You might think that this is a boring ole 10K, which if you think running is boring then I guess a race would be boring. BUT this race happens to be the largest 10K in the world! Something like 50,000 people run in this. I am pretty pumped! Maybe slightly on the "in over my head" side, but still very excited. Well actully the goal of 6.2 miles in an hour doesn't seem that unatainable after last nights little jaunt. We will see!