Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I just don't like them!!!

Why isn't this answer never enough? I just don't like animals. It's true and I would die a happy girl if I never have to share my space with an animal of any kind and yes that includes fish. I have had this conversation more times then I have hairs on my head, which really isn't a ton if you know me but you get my point. ;) It goes something like this...
Animal lover: Kelly, you need a pet.
Animal hater: No I don't, I'm perfectly happy in my life without a pet.
AL: But they are so cuddly!
AH: They shed like crazy and I am not about to clean dog hair on my chocolate brown couch everyday.
AL: You can get a dog that doesn't shed?
AH: Those are all ugly. We don't live the kind of lifestyle that is ideal to own a pet.
AL: What does that mean?
AH: I am not paying somebody to watch my animal when we are gone for the weekend and I am for sure not going to come home during my day JUST to let them relieve themselves.
AL: I really think that you are missing out on a very special companionship.
AH: I am just fine with my current companionship.
AL: Kelly, when you have kids, they are going to poop and pee all over the place.
AH: This is true, but they are humans being which is completely different then animals. I just don't value animals like I do humans.

Note to the all the animal lovers: I love you I just don't love your pets. I will be kind to you pets and say very sweetly "hello" to them but I will not pet them and for sure do not want them jumping on me or licking me. Gross.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


No excuses folks, just a big fat sorry for checking out for so long.  Let's see.. not a whole lot is new in the Hovater household.  I am SOOO glad that it is fall and we can finally live like normal people vs. crazy adults that spend every second of their summer either out of town or with 8th graders. 
Here is something to discuss...I, for the past month, have had this nagging feeling that I need some sort of change.  Not a small change like a new hair cut, I feel the need for something significant.  I sort of feel a little stressed having not achieved this desire.  Is that weird?  Normally, I just rearrange furniture in our living room and that settles me down for a while, but I have had a hard time kicking that feeling this time around.   Am the only one who feels this way?  Any advice on how to work through that with out buying a new house every other year? 
I will leave you with some pics of our vacation to the Ocoee River.  So much fun!!  Just sitting around with a good book and great company.  Three cheers for your best friend becoming your sister-in-law!!!
 Do I really have that big of a gut?? I will just tell myself it was the way I was standing.

My silly punkin at the Tennessee Aquarium.  This was our unplanned outing because it was raining like crazy.  Rain+camping=no fun.  Don't worry it was only for one day and then it was beautiful!