Monday, September 25, 2006

Trying not to be a poser....

This past weekend we traveled to Fayetteville, AR to watch our beloved Alabama football team. Well I say "our", but I am not sure that I can claim Bama as "mine" yet. Isn't there some sort of ritual that I need to go through to be a fan of a SEC team? I kind of feel like there should be. I'm not from here I don't know these things! I think that southerners have special milestones pertaining to fanmanship in the SEC that Californians don't learn when we are young. Unless you have attended a school in the SEC. At that point I will just call you a late bloomer or maybe a "delayed". I mean I screamed my face off, sang and chanted as best I could. By the way, Alabama has the most songs ever and being the relatively new fan that I am I have to say that I am a little intimidated. I wore a really cute jersey and thanks to the sun, I now have a small white spot on my cheek where the Bama face tattoo once stood. Steven called it a "fan tan". Now for all of you anti Bama fans out there (Jesse) hear this... I have made my choice! Don't try to persuade me to your side because I am not feeling connected to this team yet. I fully intend to press on and declare "Roll Tide" every chance I get, I'm just trying to solicit advice on how to become more emotionally connected to a team that I am a fan of by marriage. Steven said that I became a fan the day I was home by my self and drove to Target to purchase a new antenna just so I could watch the game. I still feel disconnected. Any suggestions? Maybe the next time we go to Bryant Denney I need to work for my fanmanship by collecting used plastic cups and wash them by hand.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Tough Week

Yup, it's been rough. My Dad's best friend was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor which the doctors predicted would only give him 6 months to 1 year to live. He is not only my Dad's best friend but our second Dad. Bruce is his name and he awesome! He is one of those Dad's who is great about giving you hugs that make you feel safe, always ready to help and is a great story teller. I love him and his family and I am really sad. It also is rough becuase I can not be at home to support and love on him and his family. I talked to his wife yesterday and it was a hard conversation. She said several things but the most heartbreaking phrase was, "We are just going to have a great Christmas this year". What do you say when you get news like that? Please pray for Bruce and his family and my family. These last few weeks have been full of prayers with so many needs and I hate to add another burden to your guys' thoughts, but there it is.
On a brighter note currently I am in Birmingham with Matha and so enjoying myself. I have already spent the morning doing lots o' shopping and in a few hours with head to Tupelo to celebrate her upcoming marriage with all of her close friends. I super pumped about a relaxing weekend and sharing this time with her. Okay that is all I got.