Thursday, September 29, 2005

Why is cable such a big deal?

I don't want cable. I don't. I want to be a family that reads not a family that watches television. Steven, my dear sweet husband loves to make fun of me by saying "Like I am going to stop reading". For those of you who don't know him loves to read so much that the only reason why reason why he hasn't shelved his books in out new is because he hasn't had time to work out the details of the Hovater's Card Cataloging System. I am not concerned about him stopping his reading habits, I am more concerned about stopping mine. Also when we start to have kids, I don't want them to grow up glued to the TV. I want them to sit with me and enjoy Harry Potter together. I really am not sure what Steven is wanting to get out of cable, that we can't get out network TV. He says football games but that is only in the fall and once a week. Do you see the problem I have? I don't want to pay for minimal use and I don't want maxium watching. Two other reasons... everytime we going anywhere with a TV I have to practically do a dance for him to pay attention to me. I think that is a bad habit to form if the TV is on at home. Last reason... Every single middle aged to older adult that I expressed this opinion to say that I need to stick to my guns. Don't' you think that there is something to that? I know that we are adults, but older adults are wiser then us. No matter how wise we think we are we have nothing on them. Especially the ones that have raised kids. They understand the effects of TV on their kids and I am trying to prevent that stuff now. I am trying to establish good habits from the start. Is that so wrong? Steven wants it so bad and I don't want it just as much. Any thoughts out there?

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

We are mostly in!

Well, that might be a stretch. We haven't touched the kitchen stuff yet. But most all the big furniture is in and I am so thankful. So worn out but thankful. All this unsettledness has really done me in. I don't handle it very well. I get grumpy and gripy and that sucks of me. Things are looking up and once we get a shade on the window in our bedroom where I broke the blinds then I will get good sleep and be able to handle all of this better. I will keep you posted.

Friday, September 16, 2005

So I am feeling some pressure

2 words...Jesse Maddox. Why is it that there is so much pressure to update your blog. I read Jesse's then looked at Leslie, then felt like I had to put something down. Really Jesse, all this pressure just because you are bored. I just don't know how I feel about that. Wait, yes I do, it makes me hang my head in shame. I committed to this blogging thing and I need to follow through with it. But if I am following what Jesse commands ( and yes I mean command) then I have to post something new every hour. No Ma'am. Can't do it! I am just not that interesting. So how much blogging should one do to be a committed blogger? Once a day? Once every 2 days? I don't know. I am just feeling very pressured right now.
Oh a little update on the house. It is coming along much more quickly thanks to so many wonderful friends. Hopefully most of it can be done by tomorrow, but we will see. It that stinkin' trim that is killing me!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Is that a light?

So for the past almost 2 weeks we have been working our tails off on trying to get the most hideous wallpaper off in our new kitchen. I think that we are seeing a light and I am super pumped. We only have a few more things to do then mudd, seal, prime and then finally paint!!! Oh what a wonderful day it will be when I can sit in my freshly painted and cleaned living room and read while drinking some tea. I miss the days of relaxation after work. Oh just to give an update. Disneyworld is not better then Disneyland. Here is my theory. If you are going to compare parks, then the only park that you can fairly compare Disneyland to is the Magic Kingdom at Disney World. And when you complete the comparison you will realize that they are exactly the same. Yes the castle is bigger in Disneyworld but the princess' that live in these 2 castles are different and it is not Disneyland's fault that sleeping beauty's kingdom can't afford a bigger castle. Don't you think?