Thursday, August 24, 2006

prayers please

Please check this out. A friend from college, Kelly Stewart, her new born is having some complications. Please, prayer for this family. Kelly is also the sister of Karie Stewart Green, I think that a lot of you guys may know her. Their family needs our prayers!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Rewind 2 years

So right about now I was probably waking up from an extremely restless sleep, totally freaking out inside and doing everything possible to keep myself from bursting out into tears. Yup, it was the big day, our wedding day. Today is our two year anniversary and it has been an awesome journey so far. I think at this point in the day (two years ago) I was so ready to get this over with so I could be normal Kelly vs super overwhelmed and stressed out Kelly. I was hungry but afraid that I was either going to hurl or poop (sorry kind of graphic) out even the tiniest crumb. As soon as we walked back down the isle and it was all over I felt a huge weight lift off of me. I could be normal Kelly again!! God has been so faithful to us over the past two years. I have learned so much about myself and Steven and this adventure that we are on. My suspicions have been confirmed about Steven. He truly is the most wonderful man. ( I know that most of you out there are thinking "there is no way that Steven could be as wonderful as my husband") But my friend, he really is. Well let me say that he is perfect for me. Daily, my love and respect grows for him. He is so wise and smart. I could go on and on so I will stop. I am thankful and so blessed to have been given the responsibility to share life with this most awesome man of God. It is an honor beyond my wildest dreams. Happy 2 years to us!!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006


We are on our way to routine. Steven got home safely from his trip last night and I am pumped. I feel like I got some good friend time and Kelly time. Punkin time here we come!! Besides routine the next couple of months are bringing some exciting times for the Hovaters. Every single weekend in September is taken up by friends coming to see us or us going to see friends. How wonderful!!! I am so pumped about about seeing Leslie and Jonathan, Rocky, Ashley and Camp (their new baby boy), Matha and her batchlorette weekend, and Matha and Hovie's wedding. Also I am trying to work out a quick trip to Memphis for Jessica's wedding. I am really needing some refreshing time with dear friends.
The first Wednesday night of the school was surprisingly great. I totally expected a room fully of grumpy kids hating the beginning of the new school year. But I was totally wrong! Their was great energy and excitement, I thought. See! There is something to this routine thing!
After a long week, I decided to take off the rest of the day. Have great weekends!
Oh, Steven's teacher, Laurie Mitchell, her surgery went great. I think that they got everything they are just in the waiting period to get the results back and then decisions can be made of where to go from there.

Monday, August 14, 2006

He's gone... Again.

I have a wonderful servant minded husband who lives his life to help those he loves and I am selfish. Steven is gone again but for two very good reasons. ( I guess mission trips are good reasons too) 1) A very special friend of our was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and Steven went to Huntsville to love on and support her family during her surgery, a total hysterectomy. This wonderful woman was Steven's drama teacher at Mars Hill. Their last name should be Hovater or our last name be Mitchell to show how much Steven loves this family and considers them part of ours. Please be prayerful her healing and recovery. 2) Steven's bestfriend "thewalrus" is finally moving back to the south and we are so excited and thankful for this opportunity for him. So Steven and Coop went to help him move and spend some much needed boy time together. That means I am baching it again. Thewalrus- please know that I am absolutely more then willing to be lonely for a few days anytime if it means having you closer to us. Be sweet to my punkin. This morning, after a rough night of sleep, I am really feeling the absence of Steven, but that is the deal and I will be fine. He will be better for this time with friends and I will try and be intentional about using this time grow in my relationships with friends and the Lord.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

He's home!!

Steven got home last Saturday and it has been so nice to have him home. There have been several times when I just look at him and think to my self I am so glad that he is home. He had some crazy times in Mexico. They almost were flooded out of the city so building an entire house was very challenging but they got it done in 3 days. Man, wouldn't it be nice if all houses were built in 3 days! Since then there hasn't been a whole lot going on but we are for sure making our way back into some sort of routine. Sorry this is really boring but I am trying to get in some sort blogging routine and so that means that a consequence of this new discipline is that there may be a boring post or 2 or 3. I will try and pep it up for the next one.