Friday, August 19, 2005

Good Times!!

Well I am assuming it will be good times. Today at 11:00 am (6 hours before I normally have to leave work) we are leaving to join our dear friends in Florence Alabama for Donnie Stover's wedding!!!! I am about to pee myself excited. There will be so many wonderful people from Harding and Memphis. Oh man this is so great!! THEN after all the festivities are over Steven and I are going to Disney World for our 1st anniversary / vacation. I have never been but from what I hear it is awesome! Some have even claimed that it is better then Disneyland. Don't worry Cali., I know where is the REAL happiest place on earth is. Only park that Walt Disney himself had ever visited. Either way, I am excited to see Micky and spend time with my Punk. Well that is all I got. Happy Donnie's wedding to everybody!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Some big news for the Hovaters!

No I am not pregnant! We found a house!!! Two things worth mentioning about this house, 1) it has a loft that over looks the living room and 2) it has a hot tub. We are pretty excited about it. So because Steven was out of town yesterday I decided that I was going to attempt to pick out colors for the walls. Oh my gosh! I am so overwhelmed with colors! There are so many colors!! AHHH! I really thought that I this was something that I was going to be good at. After yesterday, I am not so confident. Also, refridgerators are soooo expensive. Who would have thought that all these big girl things were so expensive! Well probably the whole world except for me. Anyway we are super pumped! And this is totally off the subject but, Banks, this is no where near as interesting as thesecondchance but, it makes me feel good that you take the time to read this so I promise that I will be better about posting more regularly. (Is that appropriate to have personal shout out on a post? Wait, this is totally MY blog, I say what is appropriate!)