Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Blog Absence

Whew! Sorry folks for the blog absence and for the lack of pictures on this post. I will do try to do better. Man, this summer has flown! Since May we have gone non stop. We spent a week in Searcy for UPLIFT. Our kids did great! Surprisingly, we were low on the drama which is always a breath of fresh air. During the month of June, a friend from home (Fresno) stayed with us. I say friend because we are friends because our parents are close, but Jordan is only 17. Not that you can't be friends with a 17 year old, but you know what I mean. Different life stages. I think that she had a great time with our kids. She was sort of Steven's side kick for that month and handled that responsibility well. Our kids did awesome about including Jordan in most things that they did. It was really good to have her stay with us, except for that fact that she sheds like crazy and I am still vacuuming up blonde hair, 3 weeks later. I hardly have hair at all so I don't loose much, thank goodness!!
Last weekend another set of my parent's close friends came to see us. I think that I have talked about Bruce in past posts. He is my Dad's BFF that was diagnosed with brain cancer almost a year ago. Well Bruce, his wife and her brother were driving across country and Little Rock was on the agenda. I was so thankful for that time spent with the Fain's but it is always hard to see Bruce struggling like he is. He was having a hard time walking and his speech is slow. He really is doing well considering his circumstances, but it doesn't make it any easier to see him like this.
Last Saturday, left for his first mission trip of the summer. Juarez, Mexico to work with Casas Por Cristos. It is never fun when he leaves but I have been keeping myself busy with repainting my bathroom and hanging out with friends. He returns home on the 21st then leaves again on the 26th for Nicaragua. He will be gone for 10 days on that trip. He flies back into LR from Nicaragua on a Saturday and then leaves the very next day for a short course in Memphis. YA-UCK! Good news is that this is his last short course during the summer because he will finally be graduating in May 08!!!! I am so proud of him and ready for all this to be done with. Well I guess that is about the extent of our lives since last I posted. This summer has been so good so far. I am really proud of our kids and our interns. I hope all of you are well!!