Thursday, October 20, 2005

Practice #2

Last night was football practice and I am pretty excited about this team. Everybody was getting more comfortable with each so it was really fun. No huge scandalous thing to report as of yet but I will keep you posted. By the way, after last weeks practice they talked about me all morning on the radio. Isn't that so fun! I was loving every minute of it. Okay that is it for now. We have another practice this Saturday so there will be another update on Monday.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

My new adventure

I love flag football! Last night was my very first practice as the new quarter for a powderpuff football team. What is so adventurous about this team in particular is that it is with a local radio station here in Little Rock. 103.7 The Buzz. This new adventure could pontentially be a scandalous so I have reserved the right to quit at any moment regardless of the heckling that I would most certainly receive on the radio. The girls were all really nice and so much less prissy then I was thinking. I know how these things work. Radio guy challenges another radio guy to game of powderpuff mostly emphasizing looks rather then skill. I feel okay about this UNLESS they ask me to wear something scandalous or make me feel like even the slightest bit of compromising will have to happen. A guy from our church is one of the D.J's / coaches so I am clinging to the hope that he will follow through with his commitment to God thus protecting me from having to do anything sort of shady. I will keep you updated...