Monday, June 08, 2009

Staying at home part duex

 Izzy on left, Micah on right.  M is making a weird face but that is what happens when you are 2.  This picture is from their birthday party a couple of weeks ago.  They are officially TWO!

So, it has been almost six weeks since this ole gal retired.  The number one question is "How's it going?".  My number one answer, "There have been a couple days where I have wanted to rip their faces off but overall it's been great".  It really has been good.  We have gotten into a good routine and I can already see a greater sense of confidence and stability in them.  I feel pretty good about my behavior as far as playing vs. cleaning.  There are for sure times when I say, "I can't hold you now because ________", but I think that is totally reasonable.  I have to tell you that I have not been awesome about the sleep schedule for them.  I mean they are getting enough sleep but maybe not at the most traditional time.  Like they have been sleeping in till 9 or 9:30 because we have been out until, well, 9 or 9:30.  Should I feel bad about that?  
As far as how I am personally working myself into this role that is still evolving.  I feel like I am getting "Me" time just in a different way then I was before.  Mostly that is because it always includes staying home.  I covet my "day off" which means Steven's day off.  I get to sleep in and hand over my responsibilities to him for most of the day and let me tell you, it is glorious!!  I love my girls deeply but there is nothing like driving alone in your car, feeding just yourself at a restaurant, not having to referee their fussing at each other and walking as slow as I want through the mall.  LOVE IT!!  It helps me to recharge and be better for them.  
Monday the 15th of June is supposedly the finalization hearing for our adoption.  I will believe when I see it.   Please keep us in your prayers as this will go smoothly and actually happen on the 15th.  I'm ready to answer the question, "Are they yours?" with confidence and without further explanation.  I want to say "Why yes they are, aren't they perfect?" as they sling their cups across the table, as if their cups were bowling balls and glasses the pins.    Just perfect :)