Thursday, November 16, 2006

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

4 inches!!!! That is how much it rained on Monday night which also perpetuated a big fat leak in our sky light. Steven is silly boy who woke up at 2am because he wanted to go and watch the storm while I stayed in our bed to scared to move. I hate storms! I really feel like this Californian has transitioned almost flawlessly (Ha!) into a southerner EXCEPT when it comes to storms. They are so scary and on Monday night I was ready to put our house up for sale to move far away from the south. Anyway, Steven gets up, goes outside to watch the storm and comes back to inform me that it looks like a huge bird pooped all over our entry way floor. We have that hideous popcorn stuff on our ceilings (I apologize if you love the popcorn) and when it gets wet, it drips in a pattern very much like bird poop. GROSS! I go down stairs to check it out and he was right and I am sad. Not only do we have bird poop on the floor but an stain on our ceiling to match. I am really hoping it is just the seam in the sky light but I suppose it could be the roof as well. Oh Man!!! I hate to spend money on things like that! So after a day of feeling sorry for myself I get a call from my good friend Lezley. She called to let me know that their ENTIRE basement flooded on Monday night as well. I felt so crappy for moping around all day about my small leak when their whole basement was flooded. Sorry Lezley. So that was the last couple of days for us. Hopefully I will hear from the roofer today and I will keep you updated. Have a good Thursday!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Soup and Monopoly

Last Friday night Steven and I hosted a soup and monopoly party. For those of you who hate monopoly, I understand you distaste, but have you ever tried playing on teams while pooling your money together? All of the sudden it goes from a boring game that never ends into a fast pace "to the poor house you go!" kind of game and it is so fun with friends. We had a soup potluck so we had 3 different kinds to choose from and they were all so good. What a blessing it is to have times like this. Just hanging out with friends.
What is your guys' opinions of light-up Christmas figurines for outside decorations...specifically light up penguins? My first reaction is tacky, tacky, tacky. I love the classic white lights and just enough to be pretty not overwhelming. My husband on the other had feels like the brighter the better. We were in Home Depot yesterday and all he could talk about was how he wanted light up penguins to be on our roof strategically placed at an angle, looking over at our Holiday guests' heads as they come up to our front door. I really think that is so tacky but I found myself laughing so hard just at the thought of that being part of our holiday. Really I giggled through out the whole isle. If it can bring me that much joy at the thought of it maybe we just need to do it. Steven's funness is wearing down my snobbery.
This weekend Matha and Hovie come to see us. I am so excited!!! I can't want to hang out with them. I have been missin me some Matha.
On Wednesday of next week we are leaving for Cali. I am really looking forward to spending time with my family, albeit a short trip. (Leslie how was that use of the word 'albeit'?) Though it will be Thanksgiving we will do our 'Christmas' with my family so I am really pumped about that too. My parents just sold our house so this will be the last trip on Orange Ave. I am sad because it is the house that we grew up in but excited for my Mom that she will finally have the house she has always wanted. Have a great week!