Monday, October 23, 2006

Hovater Update

Yup that's right, Kelly has nothing super exciting to blog about but feels the pressure to write something so we have another Hovater update!! Okay, did I tell you guys that we found a couch. Well we did and it has yet to arrive! I am so annoyed! We ordered it in September and it hasn't come in yet. Should I asked for a percentage off? Apparently the couch making plant closed so they had to send our order to another place, but of course the order was not sent until about 6 weeks into it. I haven't been to upset because we still have our old couch but I am starting to get a little impatient. Alabama lost to UT. We are sad, sad, sad. They played so well up until the last 6 minutes or so. Oh why can't they seem to get it together? Regardless, I sported my new Bama jersey with pride. Steven tells me I am a bully. I have been depressed ever since mostly because I think that he's right. Man, this marriage thing is so wonderfully honest though sometimes it makes me feel crappy. I think that because Steven is so fantastic at letting me be me, I have not done a good job of controlling the less fun parts of myself. That makes it sound like that blame is his, totallly not what I mean. I need to cherish his willingness to embrace the total Kelly package while doing my best to change that package into something beautiful. That has really been on my mind for the last few days. I do a terrible job at protecting Steven from the wrath of Kelly. Umm lets see what else, oh, I think that Fletcher's (my 98 4 runner with 176,000 miles) days are numbered. Side note: Jesse Maddox Faris was the one who found him for me. Anymore ideas Jess? I think that it is time but I am not sure what I want. For sure nothing new, I rather not put ourselves in any more debt then necessary, but something fun. I am some what leaning towards a pathfinder but I am open to any opinions OR if you know anybody selling their car/SUV with low millage and it's cute that would be helpful too. Okay that's all I got hope you guys are having a good Monday!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The wedding and vacation

Last weekend (Oct 1) was Matha and Hovie's wedding. It was fantastic. Everything was beautiful and they are now currently beginning this stage in their life in Argentina. Pretty cool huh? After the wedding we traveled to Roanoke Virginia to spend some time with Steven's cousin. It was so fun. They have a 19 month old who is the smartest child I have ever been around. I know that girls typically talk more and earlier then boys, but whoa. When all the adults were talking it seemed like she would listen for words that she has never heard and then verbally practice them a few time, commit them to memory and include them in her every day vocabulary. It was great to get to know their whole family better. After that we went to DC for a couple days. The first day was pretty stressful for my penny pinching self. Why are the hotel prices DOUBLE of any other place in the country. Well any place that I have ever been. I had two choices... spend 2 something each night for a clean safe normal hotel or risk our lives by staying at a hotel that was resembled the hotel that MLK jr. was killed at. (Sorry Memph) I was truly in Shadesville and I did not like it. So I decided, very reluctantly, on the more expensive of the two. DC is an awesome place. We saw as much as we could in the short time that we there. We ate some great food and walked our faces off. Oh, I just remembered... I am going to be an aunt!! Yea!!! My twin sister Courtney is pregnant, due in May and I am pa-umped! So their you have the last week of my life. It was a great trip but I am glad to be back to the ole routine.