Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hovater Update

So it's one of those posts again. Not much going on but feeling the pressure to update my blog. Currently I am sitting on our couch watching TV while Steven is on his way to Mexico with our high schoolers. He was so excited about this trip becuase he gets to build an entire house in one week for a Mexican couple which is pretty cool. I am excited about the trip becuase it is the last one of the summer and marks the end of the summer. Routine here we come!!!! We have had a great summer, don't get me wrong, but there is something to routine. Knowing what to expect each day is so securing and grouding. Of course it can be boring but things have been so crazy lately I ache for boring.
We should be taking a vacation at some point but with Martha and Hovie's wedding and Steven starting back at school I am not really sure when that is going to be happening. But when we go we are planning on spending time in Virgina and DC. I haven't been to either and his cousin lives in that area so why not?
I am sure that you all are dying to know where I am at with the whole furniture thing. It is currently on hold for now becuase I have focused my saving efforts to put in bamboo floors in the living room and kitchen. I am super pumped and since my Dad is awsome at building and fixing stuff he has graciously offered to install them saving us a bunch of money. So spending time with fam and getting new floors. Bamboo you say? Well here is what I know of bamboo floors curtesy of Martha soon-to-be Hovater. They are 30% more durable then hardwood, about 2-3 dollars cheaper a square foot, eco friendly because it is every where and it doesn't expand with weather conditions like wood floors do. To be honest the cheaper thing is what got me and from what I can see they look just as cool as wood floors, I think. After that will come the last furniture purchase of a couch which hasn't been to much of a struggle to hold off on because I can't find anything that I love.
2 things to note form this summer... we were victims of theivery TWICE this summer. Once at Harding's summer camp, UPLFT (Steven's powerbook) and "The Big PV Heist" (our video camera that was sitting on Steven's desk) Currently I am typing on Steven's new Macbook, which is pretty cool and we are still waiting on the insurance check for the video camera. Both sucked but we now have a newer and more awesome computer and the little jerks that stole our camera now are the proud owners of a broken camera. (it broke like 2 weeks before) HA! That is what you get you little jerks!!!
That is really all that I got. This week will bring a clean house, because I won't have Steven to pick up after, lots of Kelly time, finishing the new book that I got and spending with time with frineds. I hope everyone has a great week!!!